Hypothyroidism Side Effects

Hypothyroidism Side Effects

If proper treatment is provides to any physical problem in the primary stage then the disorder can be cured in the primary stage only. The same is the case with the hypothyroidism side effects, which if treated on time can show effective results. Without proper treatment and efforts to control it there are many serious complications that the body might suffer from. These side effects without proper treatment will continue to increase everyday creating intense side effects in the body. However in order to treat the disease properly, it is very essential that a person is properly diagnosed without which the exact level of the disease cannot be determined. The hypothyroidism side effects are different on all the age group. As has been said earlier all of the hypothyroidism side effects can be solved easily if detected in the earlier level and serious efforts are made to control it.

Some of the serious hypothyroidism side effects are as follows:

Myxedema Coma: – Of the rarest effects that the hypothyroidism side effects have on the body of a patient is Myxedema Coma. It is one of the intense side effects that a patient of hypothyroidism might suffer from. It as some fixed and primary symptoms which are as follows: –

  • ·      Hypothermia or a situation when body temperature drops in suddenly.
  • ·      The lungs start mal functioning and has very low stamina.
  • ·      The pulse rate falls and the pace of the heartbeat becomes very low.
  • ·      Sudden Black-outs or developing blue circles on sight.
  • ·      The brawl movement becomes difficult and rate of constipation also increases.
  • ·      Build up of Fluid in the body is affected.
  • ·      On very serious cases a patient may suffer from mental coma.
  • ·      The patient will become immensely intolerant towards both heat and cold.

Intense and untreated hypothyroidism is the main reason behind these severe diseases. However the situation on which a patient suffer from this deadly disorder is very low, but it is not impossible completely as a matter of fact. The hypodermic patients who are more prone to stress, anger, unhealthy life style, recent surgery have a higher chance of suffering from this condition. If a person is prone to using the lethal drugs like the sedatives, pain killers, drugs, lithium and amiodarone also have a high chance of suffering from these hypothyroidism side effects. The safe side however is that a patient has high chance of about 30 to 60 % from suffering from this problem, if diagnoses and treated on time.

Suppurative Thyroiditis: – Another fatal situation that might arise of the hypothyroidism side effects is Suppurative Thyroiditis. In this condition the thyroid gland suffers form infection which results in the inflammation of the thyroid gland that makes the swallowing very difficult. Those hypodermic patients who show the symptoms of Hasimoto’s hypothyroidism are open towards acquiring this disease. An infected respite system is the main reason behind this symptom of hypothyroidism. Immediate medical attention is required in this stage. Some of its symptoms are: –

  • ·      Intense pain in the throat.
  • ·      Instantly very high rise of the body temperature.
  • ·      Eating and drinking food and water becomes very difficult due to the inflammation of the thyroid gland.
  • ·      Severe throat pain also makes talking very difficult.

There are numerous sources from which a person can gather more information about hypothyroidism side effects. Any person suffering from these hypothyroidism side effects  should not take any step on personal discretion otherwise it might prove harmful to the health of the person. It is always better and safe to consult a doctor and take steps according to his suggestion.

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