Hypothyroidism Prognosis and Treatment

Hypothyroidism Prognosis and Treatment

Prediction is a Greek word used in medical sciences for foreseeing and predicting the probable effects of an illness. Prognosis not only focuses on end results but briefly provides expected duration of illness, functional and ups and downs during the course of the disease and chances of recovery.

The prognosis of a disease in simple terms should include: diagnosis of the problem, treatment option to be adopted, chances of recovering, time of recovery and impacts of disease on life.

Complicated systems of the human body contain various glands which secrete hormones. These hormones are used for proper functioning of the body system. Any abnormality in quantity of these hormones could result serious illness.

A pair of butterfly shaped glands present in the lower neck region is called thyroid glands which use iodine to produce its secretions including Thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones are used to control and regulate metabolism, proteins, fats and use of oxygen by each cell.

Lack of iodine, pituitary or hypothalamic disease, destruction of thyroid glands by radioactive iodine or surgery and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can lead to a condition where these glands start producing lower amount of hormones. This problem is called Hypothyroidism and can affect everyone including men, women and children. Hypothyroidism prognosis could be very beneficial for patients to educate him about the disease, its effects, treatment methods and duration and preventive measures.

This illness does not have any specific symptoms during the early stages but may start causing fatigue, depression, weight gain, shivering, excess sleeping, skin and hair dryness, increased cholesterol level; swelling in legs; and pain.

This problem of thyroid glands could very seriously affect the life of an individual. A little ignorance could lead to a number of risks or complications which may include: iron deficiency anemia, weight gain; respiratory system issues; improper kidney functioning; headaches; laziness; joint stiffness; loss of hair; constipation; and weakness. The consequences are more severe in the case of females like miscarriage, infertility, abnormal menstrual periods, high blood pressures and premature delivery. In children and babies it major attack is on mental and physical growth.

Hypothyroidism Prognosis reveals that treatment of this disease in case of adults could take months to recover, however relief from various symptoms may be achieved in a few weeks. For aged people, a dose of medicine must be gradually increased over a period of six to eight weeks. This will help in avoiding strain on the heart. In infants and children, physical and mental growth problem can be dealt with if treatment with thyroid hormones is started immediately. Hypothyroidism Prognosis also briefs that in some cases patient may have to use thyroid medicines throughout the life.

The main aim of treatment available for this disease is to cater for deficiency of thyroid hormones. For this purpose replacement dose for synthetic form of these hormones are used. These synthetic forms include: levothyroxine; thyoxine; liothyronine; or liotrix (Thyrolar). A patient under treatment must periodically be asked for a blood test to confirm level of hormones. Thyroid diets are also recommendable for treatment purposes.

A firm statement cannon be made about the duration of treatment of Hypothyroidism. Some patients have the problem of the thyroid due to a certain type of inflammation or viral infection. In such cases, thyroid glands start producing the requisite amounts after a few months. While in another case, the problem is quite complicated and replacement doses of synthetic hormones may have to be taken life long.

Although, there are not hard and fast rules to be adopted as preventive measures to avoid cause of this disease, still some effort can be made. Low production of thyroid glands is usually due to deficiency of iodine. Therefore, use of foods having iodine as their component could be advantageous in overcoming the deficiency.

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